Thunder GM Sam Presti comments on NBA future in Seattle

Ever since the Seattle SuperSonics were moved and renamed Oklahoma City Thunder, fans have been clamoring for the team’s return. Seattle is one of the biggest basketball states in the country, many want the city to get their NBA team back, as they are a die-hard fan of the game. Well, a familiar face seems to suggest that could happen soon.

Before Sam Presti was known as the Thunder’s first general manager pick, he was first the SuperSonics general manager. Recently, Presti made some interesting comments alluding to NBA expansion in Seattle. Take a look at his reviews and judge for yourself. (by Joe Mussatto)

“They’ll have a basketball team again, and I think all of us here think that’s a positive thing…It’s a great place, great fans and the arena they’ve built there is spectacular. When that happens, it’s gonna be great.

The move and rebranding of the SuperSonics to the Thunder left a bitter taste with many NBA fans. The team had one of the largest fanbases in the league at the time. The process was also incredibly messy, as fans felt the owners at the time made no effort to try and keep the team.

Still, fans eagerly await the return of Seattle basketball. The consensus is that another team should join the SuperSonics to keep conference balance. Will we see Seattle’s triumphant return to the NBA sooner rather than later?

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