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“The schools have already expressed an interest in joining and we think it will be a good thing and that it will work.”

The ESCC and MHS will serve as two venues in the tournament’s first year, hosting eight teams at one school and eight teams at the other in a group play format. This allows each team to play four games over a three-day period, with the Championship game taking place on the third day.

Albertini mentioned an interest in creating a slam dunk contest, 3-point contest, and / or skill challenge (similar to the NBA All-Star Weekend) which will hopefully will attract larger crowds. Schools in the Paducah and Springfield area are being considered to participate in the tournament early on, but Albertini hopes more local schools will join them with an enrollment count of around 600 to 1,000 students.

“With us doing blended and distance learning this year, we have maybe 220 students in the building,” Albertini said. “That number is now around 112 since the elderly graduated, so we didn’t hear much from the students, but a lot of people saw it coming and said, ‘It’s sad, but we understand ”.

“It comes down to we need to grow and we discussed this with potential coaches during the recruiting process.”

Carbondale to announce new men’s basketball coach

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