NBA field winning percentage this season will be the worst ever | NBA

The home court advantage wasn’t much of an advantage in the NBA this season.

The combined home winning percentage of NBA teams this season will be the worst in league history, which can at least in part be attributed to the fact that fan attendance is severely limited due to the pandemic in courses and protocols that the league had to put in place.

With two days to go until the end of the regular season, NBA teams are now assured of winning no more than 55% of home games.

In all, 11 teams will eventually lose home records. Last season, 11 teams lost records in their home buildings; technically, 12 teams ended up losing “home” records by taking bubble games into account in the mix.

There has never been a season where more than 11 teams ended up with ratings lost in their original buildings.

Utah were the league’s best home team during the regular season, with a 31-5 record. The Jazz have said they plan to increase attendance to start the playoffs to around 13,000 – well below their building’s capacity, but it would still represent the most licensed in the NBA so far. this season.

The previous season, the worst record at home, was only last year, when the home teams won 55.1% of the time.

It should be noted that last season’s home struggles were not due to the bubble. The NBA’s fanless reboot at Walt Disney World in Central Florida did not hurt that record in earned losses; with fans in the stands ahead of the March 11, 2020 shutdown which lasted 4-1 / 2 months, the teams prevailed in 55.1% of their home games. In the bubble, teams designated as “home” clubs for regular season games won at a slightly better pace – 55.7%.

All-time NBA teams win home games about 62% of the time. The record for the best home winning percentage in the league was set in 1950-51, 74.3% – but this will be the eighth consecutive season when the home winning percentage is below 60%.

Another factor that has played a small role this season in the struggles for home teams: A team has never really been home.

The Toronto Raptors have played in Tampa, Fla. This season 16-19 so far in those games with one left on Sunday. These games will count as home games for the Raptors, however.

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