How to watch J. Cole play professional basketball in the African league

Rapper J. Cole, raised in Fayetteville, will finally have the chance to play professional basketball, according to several reports.

Cole, 36, is expected to outfit the Rwanda Patriots in the inaugural season of the Basketball Africa League.

How to watch

Athletic’s Shams Charania reported that Cole will play three to six games for the Patriots, starting Sunday against the Nigeria River Hoopers at 7 a.m. on ESPNEWS. Cole last album “The Off-Season” should fall on Friday.

What is the Basketball Africa League?

According to USA TODAY, the Basketball Africa League is the first collaboration between the NBA and FIBA ​​to operate outside of North America.

“This is by no means an exercise of recruiting talent,” Basketball Africa League president Amadou Gallo Fall told USA TODAY Sports in 2019. “We don’t just want to see talent. Africans export themselves only because there is no viable league for young players to participate at a high level, which ultimately led to the formation of the African Basketball League.

Report:Fayetteville rapper J. Cole set to play in Basketball Africa League

Fall said at the time that the goal of creating this league in Africa was not just to expose and invest in local talent, but to create a comprehensive system for a league to operate effectively from bottom to top. It will also create jobs in the countries. It has been decades.

USA TODAY Sports journalist Analis Bailey contributed to this report.

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