Distraught NBA fans react to game-free night

The NBA regular season wrapped up Sunday night – with the Philadelphia 76ers and Utah Jazz securing the top seeds in their respective conferences – and for the first time in more than two months there was a matchday on the schedule with zero NBA games.

The basketball drought, fortunately, is short. The new NBA play-in tournament kicks off Tuesday night with clashes between the Eastern Conference, the Hornets at the Pacers and the Wizards at the Celtics, before the Western Conference takes center stage on Wednesday. The play-in round ends on Friday, the first round begins on Saturday, and fans will participate in a glorious few months of basketball, with the final concluding in July – just before the start of the Tokyo Olympics.

Still, a night without basketball was difficult for some fans. Here are the funniest reactions:

https://twitter.com/ByTimReynolds/status/1394434029894701056 https://twitter.com/Sc0ttst0tts/status/1394442144522326026 https://twitter.com/BleacherReport/status/1394424628471238658

https://twitter.com/ParlaygodMergos/status/1394297027807358977 https://twitter.com/SuperiorNBA/status/1394435077069758464

https://twitter.com/Sedano/status/1394438731453517828 https://twitter.com/muchlovemax/status/1394443583185432585

https://twitter.com/jaysmuv23/status/1394440362807209985 https://twitter.com/DavidDTSS/status/1394433990677958659

https://twitter.com/iGivesNoDamn/status/1394438760377602048 https://twitter.com/CBSSportsHQ/status/1394446812157722624

https://twitter.com/joeswam/status/1394444140520292357 https://twitter.com/RonnieThaGreat/status/1394452741741744138

https://twitter.com/FDSportsbook/status/1394412522015543298 https://twitter.com/Rashaan/status/1394454393957883905



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